Amerocap holds interests in the following businesses. We not only invest, but support the growth and development of their platforms.

Amerocap Mining Ventures

Sector:                          Mining & Primary Critical Raw Materials (CRM) Production
Geography:               Europe and Latin America

Amerocap Mining Ventures (AMV) is an active technology minerals investor which acquires and develops under-invested mining assets in a sustainable manner in line with the goals of the EU Green Deal policy and the targets of CRM Action Plan of the European Commission. For its initial investment activities, AMV has taken an interest in one of the world’s largest copper mines in Chile and actively managing new mining projects in Europe focused on CRM: Rare Earths, Graphite, Magnesium and others.

Defense Energy Syndicate LLC (DES)

Sector:                           Defense Contracting
Geography:                 United States

DES is a defense contractor, supplying energy products to the United States Department of Defense (“DoD”); primarily ground and aviation fuels and chemicals. DES holds a SDVOSB certification. The company was founded by senior-ranking defense officials and military officers. It has since built an operating team with extensive defense contracting and energy sector experience

Amerocap’s investment in DES also includes its two affiliates, that supply the DoD and private businesses with products from the medical and security sectors.


Aguadulce LNG

Sector:                          LNG, Power and Oil Storage
Geography:                Colombia

Aguadulce LNG is meeting Colombia’s energy challenge through the development of LNG and related infrastructure in the Pacific Coast of Colombia.


Amerocap Midstream

Sector:                          Midstream Oil
Geography:                Romania

Amerocap Midstream is US-sponsored venture focused on acquiring and developing midstream oil and gas assets in the Black Sea region. Our sponsors manage over $4bn in assets, primarily in oil and gas, with extensive midstream operational experience.

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